Individual Lemon Delicious

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Lemon... Delicious!

Everyone deserves a second chance. Me included, on this dessert.

I tried it once before but failed — and that failure was also what pushed me to give up on my oven at home for my grandmother’s awesome one as well. And, as you can see, something good always comes out of a bad situation.

Thank the Lord, I finally know why this is called Lemon Delicious.

This is a simple, no frills treat that tastes like everything you’d imagine just by derivation from its name.

I’d think it’s great for summer entertaining as well; the pudding’s light fluffiness that comes from the beaten egg whites makes it easy to eat after a flavourful dinner meal.

Truth be told, somehow I find myself eating these guilt-free. It’s a great balance between sweet and sour, and the individual portions means everyone gets a share.

Cheers to summer treats, hurrah!


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