The Rain in Spain


We started to wake up and were aware only that it was raining.  We rolled over and went right back to sleep.  The phone woke us with a rather annoying, persistent jingle.  Our cousins, in another room, were ready to have breakfast, so we could get on with the hike we’d planned for the day.

We should tell you that we hike under almost any conditions.  So, it was understandable that they’d be ready and eager to go.  OK.  Up and out, dressed in rain gear, ready to explore. The dirt road started along a river and (the guidebook said) would head up into the mountains, but we were opting to do a circuit hike back. We were not far into the hike, the rain intermittent, when we reached a spot where the directions were unclear. We debated our options as we walked, and then a truck with well-armed hunters passed us.  That gave us pause.  Hiking in…

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