Wandering Wordsmith


Staying in one place for too long, leaves one feeling restless,

Why stay still when you can explore? Maybe you should rest less.

The world is a large place, and it isn’t getting any smaller,

Embrace the tantalising temptation to take in all the flora and fauna.

Through lust to wander, and to wander through lust,

For every lone wolf and journeyman this mantra is a must-

We as individuals be tied down to only one location?

Such reasoning seems to be an abhorrent aberration.

It is essential to all to traverse the path to inner wisdom,

And not become captives of our own inner prison.



Pollination can only occur through inter-connectivity,

The simplistic resonance between the dancing flower and bustling bee.

Free the mind of complications. Act on impulse with no plan of action,

Satisfaction, is not achieved through multiplication but merely by subtraction.

The simple…

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