Friday Photos by El: Enabling and Worrying


Good morning friends!! I am starting a new thing here and I’m really excited about it.  I run a page on Facebook called Running from Hell with El and it is my flagship, my baby. It’s where all of this (gesturing) started. I also help run another page called Rebel Thriver, which is dedicated to helping survivors of abuse thrive.

For these Facebook pages, I create a lot of posters and pictures that include my original writing.  From now on, I will offer these for your enjoyment on Friday Photos.  If you have time, please visit us on Facebook.

And while you’re visiting, please stop by my dear friend Doe’s page.  To be honest, she helped me with the below poster.  Giggle.  A lot.  She can be found at Happiness in Your Life.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you think about what you see below.  One in particular…

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