Imagining My Baby’s Bashert

melissa langsam braunstein

On Toddlers and Soul-mates

Do you ever wonder about your baby’s bashert? Jewish tradition teaches that each of us has a bashert, the one we are fated to be with. G-d chooses that other person before we are born, and it is our job to find our other half here on Earth. On most days I’m too busy to wonder about it, but occasionally I find a moment to reflect.

This happened to me the other day as I watched my husband help our daughter Lila practice walking. The visual struck me. I commented, “The next time she’ll need your help walking, it’ll be down the aisle.”

Granted, that’s a long way away. We only just celebrated Lila’s big Zero-One. One day Lila will (hopefully) find someone who makes her incredibly happy as an adult. But along the way, there will be others.

I expect Lila will play…

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