Postcard from Israel – Hot and Dry.

UK Media Watch

It’s hot. Very hot. Temperatures this week in Israel have topped the 38o C/100o F mark and more, with a sweltering 39o C (102o F) in Jerusalem, 41o C (106o F) in Be’er Sheva and Tiberias and 46o C (115o F) in Eilat on Wednesday. 

Air conditioners everywhere are working overtime – putting strain on the national grid and prompting calls to avoid using ‘electricity guzzlers’ such as dishwashers and washing machines during the hottest hours of the day.

Here’s one enterprising Israeli who took electricity saving a step further and cooked himself an egg by simply placing a plate on a piece of metal in his yard for twenty minutes!

The beach and the pool are of course prime destinations for those wanting to cool down in such weather and brush fires – easily ignited when the vegetation is so dry…

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