Ski Resort in Summer


A ski resort is a relatively minor re-shaping of the landscape. There is likely some modification of topography, but mostly these involve cutting down trees, so once abandoned they go back to their original form fairly quickly. Where I live in southern Massachusetts there are a number of such places abandoned in the past twenty years, as warmer winters (and perhaps a greater ability for people to travel to taller mountains with more snow) made them unprofitable. And the traces of those are already disappearing. But the one shown here, Sugarloaf in north-western Maine, is far from that: per their website there are 153 “trails and glades”, and the result makes for a rather patchwork appearance to the mountainside.

It’s probably even more patchwork in the winter, with dark trees contrasting with snowy trails. But I took this photo in mid-summer, just a few days ago. I’m not a skier…

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