I miss your cloudy, overcast, colorful skies…

From A To S, with love

Dearest S,

Impending conversations not withstanding, I miss your overcast, cloudy, foggy, gray skies. I believe you like that kind of weather because it is a reflection of what is inside you, but I love all of your colors, even the darker ones. I love everything that makes you who you are, and everything that makes you different from anyone else. It is that specific collection of light and dark colors, that specific arrangement of good, bad, ugly, and beautiful that I have fallen in love with, not impulsively, but slowly, carefully and thoughtfully. And that’s why I want to explore you and me before I explore anything else.

I’m having a bit of a hard time today. My sky, and my world, is far more empty without your colors in it. Sleep is a series of frustrating naps. This bed has never been as comfortable as it was that…

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