smiles through trials


Trials were all around us. Affecting those we love, and our family. They can make you or break you. Draw you closer to Yehovah or push you away. Open you up, or shut you down. They made me hit “pause”. I watched. I prayed. I cried. I withdrew. I was there to listen.

For over 18 months I have watched a friend, a true woman of God, go through a rough time. I saw her cry, and I cried too. I saw her glow with the presence of Yehovah. I saw her relationship with God grow stronger and deeper. I learned from her. Forgiveness. Trust in Yehovah. Guarding your words. Run to God first. Run to Him with your pain, your fear, your anger, your hopes, your dreams, well, with everything…not just the good times…praise Him in all things…praise releases so much inside of you. A well of hope is…

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