And in North Korea…

Reflections from Beit-Shalom

What is happening in North Korea? Well, a new leader has stepped into power. And with this new leader are tighter restrictions on Christian North Koreans. Worship of anyone other than the leader is seen as treasonous. This automatically makes Christians enemies of the state, even though they have no desire to overthrow the state.

The Christian church as long been persecuted in North Korea. With the new leader, however, it is getting worse. There seems to be a genuine fear over the effect Christianity may have on the country. This is very sad in view of the fact that Christians are among the most loyal of citizens.

We need to pray for North Korea, for the North Korean Christians and for all people persecuted for their religious beliefs, no matter where they live.

For more on this go here: 70,000 Christians Locked in Concentration Camps




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