London Olympics 2012

Hywel Williams Photography Blog

I was 15 and in the Excel conference centre when London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, 7 years later we are witnessing the greatest show on earth. Although I was not back at the Excel which is the venue you for 7 Olympic events. I was however lucky enough to have a great friend, inviting me to share our piece of the Olympics.

Two matches of the Mens Hockey, Korea vs New Zealand and Australia vs South Africa. Following a £6.40 BLT and coke we had a little wander through the Olympic park the the Riverbank Arena housing the bizarrest of coloured pitches. In game 1 the Kiwis had control of the early stages of the game but it was Korea that went on to win 2-0 and dominating the majority of play. The second game was an exhibition of strength, speed and skill from the top seeds Australia, scoring…

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