Portsmouth, New Hampshire

N o v i c e / / S a g e

Small quirky towns are one of my favorite things (as evidenced in my love for Athens)–I love the cracked sidewalks and odd looking storefronts, the coffee shops full of people reading and chatting, and of course, the restaurants that define the local food culture. When you pair any of those things with the coast, however, it all becomes exponentially better.

I swooned over Portsmouth–it is literally my city soul mate. The colorful houses and proximity to the ocean would be enough, but with the most adorable specialty shops and seafood restaurants lining its streets, I couldn’t stop gushing over it. I even spotted a few legal offices in town (and a courthouse!) which is enough to convince me that it needs to be added to my list of future employment destinations after graduation. And as if I needed more reasons to love Portsmouth, I was also informed that Samantha…

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