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When most people hear the word sumac, they often think of a poisonous plant that gives you a nasty rash. That’s poison sumac, and I’m not here to harp about that. Normal sumac is actually a woody plant that produces beautiful bright red conical clusters of berries that have an earthy bitter taste. It has invaded is found in abundance in the Northern United States, and rest assured, sumac won’t poison you.

But what can you do with this stuff? While it has been dried and ground and for use as a spice for centuries, the berry clusters (called bobs) can be used to make a delicious and refreshing summer beverage.

This concoction came to me via some northern Michigan natives, who harvest sumac during the warm summer months to make this refreshing brew. I experimented with it a bit, and here’s what I came up with:


  • 12-14 sumac bobs…

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