The Friday Five: Pool Edition

Modest Exaggeration

Next to “pool rat” in the dictionary, you’ll see my picture.

Well, not really.  I doubt that phrase is even in the dictionary.  If it is, okay, but there are other things I’d rather be known for.  Anyway, since I lifeguard, I do spend a ridiculous amount of time at the city pool, so I have it on the brain.  Spending my days in a lifeguard chair does get old, definitely, but there are a couple of things that make it more bearable.

1.  The little kids.  They just make me smile.  There’s this little girl, about seven years old, who shows up a lot.  Whenever I’m up “directing traffic” on this long, red, twisty slide we have, she’ll climb all the steps to the top, adjust her goggles, and tell me a joke.  She’s about 7.  The first comedic tidbit was “Um, what do you get when…

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