Always be there

Lara's Poetry

It’s missing.

I don’t know where to find it

It’s gone

Somewhere along the road I lost it

Will they still accept me without it?

Will they embrace me, help me through it?


I know you’re lost out there but we miss you

I know you believe it’s impossible but God will forgive you

Many people have lost their steps along the way

Many persons will falter, even today

But the blessing that there is always mercy

Because to God you are always worthy


Stop worrying about what people will say

For most of them may have lost their way

They pry on others to feel better inside

Judge others and boast with pride

Forgetting God judges all and dislikes prideful people

So before you slip further and begin a full life of evil

Repent, Return, for both God and I will be waiting

You’re my best friend…

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