Dog Days Reminder

Write From The Mountains


Stop!  Take a breath!  Quit your frantic race to check off your “to do” list; forget meetings, cleaning, appointments, keeping everyone happy! Don’t you know it’s August and that means slow-down time; the dog-days of summer. Time to let house work go, ignore your responsibilities (whatever they are). Take a good book to read or your notebook to write in, find a shady spot where you won’t be disturbed, a comfy chair and a long, cold drink and experience these  last weeks of summer.  If you don’t do it for  yourself, nobody will.  Make time for YOU.

Irene Hastings is a 15 year member and President Elect of the League of Utah Writers.  She has published a book or memoirs and two books of poetry.  She’s wild about writing in any genre and  loves to travel.  She has a B.A. in English from the University of Utah and an M.Ed…

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