Tessa's Homemade

Welcome to Pineapple Chapel,  sanctuary for your pineapple preparation inquiries!

Aren’t you sick of noticing pineapples in the produce aisle, yearning for their juicy flesh, but being too intimidated to take one home? You know it tastes divine, but it’s prickly and wears a flashy green hat. What the heck you s’posed to do wit dat?

Here’s what…

STEP 1: Wash the fruit. Take a long, sharp knife, and cut off the pineapple’s hat and butt, so you are left with the body of the fruit. It should look like this when on its side:

…and like this on both ends:

STEP 2: Place the pineapple on the cutting board so that it’s lying on its flat end. Drag your knife down the fruit’s side and remove the pineapple’s scary, scaly skin…

…and cut away any gnarly bits that are deeper embededded into the fruit.

STEP 3: Cut the skinned, fleshy…

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