peach blueberry pie

the baked life

Well, it’s official, I think I have to start referring to myself as being in my “late-twenties”.

I turned 28 on Thursday, and being a weeknight, in the beginning of August we just took it easy.

Earlier in the week we went for dinner with my mom, but on the night of my birthday my dad brought over some dinner and then we had dessert.

Clearly, I made my own birthday treat.

And I did not make a cake. I made a peach blueberry pie.

We usually have ice cream, with my birthday usually being a scorching, hot day. But I was making it and I wanted pie. The husband actually joked that he might one day take care of my birthday cake one year.

Obviously, that will never happen.

Ice cream cake is clearly a delicious choice, but man, this pie. Wow.

The crust is major amazing. I’ve professed…

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  1. Wow!! So much of great re-blogging here!! We do need people like you in the word-press family who can bring great reads to our notice under one tag!! Thank you so much!

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