Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two

Modest Exaggeration

It’s the small indulgences that make life so sweet.  Like a perfectly ripe late-summer peach.  A leisurely breakfast at 10 am.  Fresh whipped cream.  Or how about all three?  My Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two are inspired by a wonderful crepe I enjoyed at Aviary Cafe and Creperie.  They would be perfect for a birthday breakfast in bed, Mother’s Day surprise, or for any day that needs a sweet start.  They’re a little involved, but not at all challenging to make.

You can whip these up really quickly, especially if you make the crepe batter and simple syrup the night before.  But that’s absolutely not necessary.

Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two

Makes: 2 generous servings, with a few crepes left over.  (Could easily serve 3.  Or possibly 4.  But that’s not as fun)

Takes: 1 hour (that’s including the cooking time for the simple syrup)



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