The 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony-a great reminder


Nothing prompts you to realise your own insignificance upon the surface of an unfathomably enormous world quite like an Olympics.

Whether you loath the Grecian tradition, with the view of “wasted money, what’s the point?” or indulge in the  opposite idea that “healthy competetion is good for us, bringing representatives of the world together,” there is no escaping the vast media blanket coverage of the the games. Inevitably intertwined with such coverage and dominance brings about  the  debates about the athletes, discussions about the medal tables, the inevitable high flying expectations, momentary nationalistic expressions,  controversy, disappointment and hopefully loaded delights on the podiums.  The games are simply everywhere!


The opening ceremony is a benchmark for the rest of the games to come. They are used to determine and predict the success of the next three weeks-to show off the organisation, imagination, quality of service provided by the hosting country.  It answers the questions every one asks in anticipation, ” Why has your country…

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