Balance: Say What?

Blonde vs The World

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

This could easily be considered a late posting since Michael and I returned from our San Francisco trip last Thursday evening, but even so. We’re home!

Boy, what a trip. We had such a blast spending a full week together (can’t speak for both of us, I know, but seemingly so) and touring a new city. It was so relaxing being in cooler weather, plenty of sunshine, and barely needing a jacket every day. Michael was able to unwind and we made a pact, going in, that we wouldn’t bring up either of the Forbidden Words: work and school. We, instead, replaced those with things like: sightseeing, BART, shorts, sandals, and plenty of cocktails, city life, Bridges. Also, Ghiradelli Square and the Infamous Sundaes and ice cream treats. Do I really need to say more?

[OK. I had two of them. NOT in one day!]


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