“Charlatan” salad with grilled peaches, garlic-cilantro corn, roasted garlic & italian sausages (What I Ate: Month Two)

the happiest plate

Hope everyone is having a fab summer!  I have a whole bunch of backlogged recipes to share, most of them prepared on the grill, and featuring lots of yummy local produce 🙂

The first one is a twist on a divine salad I had at The Charlatan  – greens with grilled peaches, feta, walnuts, sweet onion and bacon.  I left out the bacon and feta, since I was having it as a side with barbequed corn and italian sausages (the Johnsonville ones are gluten and casein free, so nice to find an easy protein all three of us can enjoy!).

Super easy and delicious – pretty sure the whole fam is converted to BBQ’d corn – it’s amazing!  I’ll be sad when corn season is over!


What you need & what you do!

Charlatan* salad

Field greens
1-2 peaches

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