Embracing My Inner Thoreau: Summertime Escapades in the Woodlands of Greater New York

the mungo

In my nineteen years, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my hometown isn’t exactly a hub of activity. I don’t know–something about pastels and WASPs just doesn’t radiate cosmopolitanism, and with a year of college under my belt, the lack of stimulation has only become exceedingly and painfully obvious.

In protest, I’ve mostly holed up in my bedroom, and in my passive fashion I’ve bemoaned the relentless boredom. Entertainment has come in the form of extensive Facebook stalking and pirated episodes of True Blood. It’s pretty pathetic actually, but adopting a sedentary and vicarious lifestyle has been more of an inevitability than a conscious decision. For those of you wondering, I do in fact have a job, and I would have taken on a second if I had any promising offers. As much as I loved being assaulted by young children and underappreciated by my…

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