Loyalty For The Long Haul: Keeping Up With Your Pastor And People

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

It’s easy at first to latch onto a brand new pastor, a young witty blogger, or the latest sermon podcast — at least for a while. Because it’s new, a different voice, a fresh face, and we are all obsessed with shiny things out of the box. It’s why we perk up to a guest speaker, and why after years of hearing the same pastor, you can suddenly burst into tears at the traveling evangelist in town.

But loyalty for the long haul is difficult. Even a pastor staying at his own church longer than a decade is a rare accomplishment. For a churchgoer to stay that long, even rarer still. For as many new church members that join a long-standing church, just as many more will permanently leave.

We get tired more easily and we want newer things. In a day when every single person has a voice and…

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