Four Ways To Sell Out On The Bible

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Preachers, teachers, and fellow Christians, from any tradition or background, from straight-up cessationist to Neo-Reformed Calvinist to unashamed Charismatic: please, please, please do not sell out on the Bible.

I know this will probably never be your intention.  You want to remain true to Scripture.  You are passionate for proclaiming God’s Word.  But by incremental degrees we can lose sight of the awesome glory of Jesus if we turn this into a man-centered, therapy-only, self-help manual. I understand how this happens and I’m not above it.  But more than ever in our up-and-down times, I want to remain faithful to God’s Word.

Four ways we can slip on this, and how to re-adjust.

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