Wow so much time has gone by I have tried to write, but just could not express what I have going on inside of me. Well, since this blog is all about my lifelessons, then I should share what I am learning..or what I am seeing…or feeling…or going through…

A while back I was doing a Bible Study, and one thing really jumped out at me…

what you pay attention to will grow

Ok…here is a lifelesson on that…we have a cat, Asher. He is 2 years old. He is very inquisitive, and always into something he should not be. He loves attention, even demands it. He will come with his toy (rubber band, pipe cleaner, fuzzy ball etc) and drop it near you, he will rub up against you, and even meow at you. If you get the hint, and pick up the toy and toss it, all is…

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