My Sunday and My Thoughts About Sports Today

Roy Kirkwood

Today has been a great day service was great pastor didn’t preach, his sons did Justin I’m sure was great didn’t get the chance to here him, but i heard Austin and he was off the hook, to day he preached.

Text: Luke 18:23-27

Title: Mission Impossible

!. Clear our minds

2. Clean your ears

3: Close your eyes

Conclusion: PRESS ON

After he preached I went home and got dressed for my pastors 25 anniversary banquet it was great and good time there food wasn’t that good but that what you get at a banquet. Today my God father celebrated  30 years of preaching  witch is something I want the lord to give to me. Its been A long weekend for me really have not got any sleep i was planning on going to the gym but my body feel weak and I’m really tired so i will rest…

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