Listen to the Coach

A Classic Gentleman in the Modern World


Last weekend, my Dad and I went to an Iowa State wrestling meet.

It was a great time. My Dad and I got to have some Father-Son bonding time and we got to see the Cyclones win!

Looking back at the event and reading a Catholic encyclical, I’ve come up with a revelation.

In wrestling, a good wrestler will acknowledge his coach, especially during the heat of the match.

I say this because of personal experience.

I can remember some matches I had that left me completely exhausted and it was only the beginning of the 2nd period.

Now when you’re this tired, it’s hard to keep focus and concentrate. All you’re really thinking is, “when am I going to get off this mat and when is this guy going to give up so I can win”?

This is where the coach comes in. The coach will tell you what…

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